Kinematic Equations

Derivation from Newton's 2nd Law

So how exactly did we get these so called "kinematic equations"? If you don't care and just want to know how to use them, skip this section and move on!

The Kinematic Equations

We are allowed to use the kinematic equations on a point mass in free fall.

Point Mass
-Small, heavy, compact objects are well approximated as a point mass (balls/cubes)
-More technically, a point mass has finite mass which is containted in an infinitesimal point
Free Fall
-The only force acting on a mass in free fall is gravity
-A ball with air resistance on it is not in free fall

Each one of the four equations lets us solve for a specific variable given several others.

Position x(t)

Velocity v(t)

Change in Position Δx

Velocity v(Δx)

The best way to